TimeCare Dog Insurance

TimeCare dog insurance from Petpals Direct will give you peace of mind that your pal is covered for common illnesses and accidents that may occur. What's good about this insurance policy is that you won't pay for unnecessary cover such as kennel fee's or holiday cancellation; it's a straight forward basic insurance policy that provides up to £3,000 in vet fee cover. As well as covering common illness and injury, our TimeCare dog insurance provides cover for dental injuries caused by an accident and up to £1 million in third party liability cover.

What does TimeCare mean?

A TimeCare insurance policy will cover your dog's veterinary treatment including fees. Your dog will be covered for a maximum period of 12 months from the date the illness or injury was first noticed or until the vet fees limit for each illness or incident has been reached, whichever occurs sooner, after which treatment for that accident or illness will be excluded from cover for the remainder of the policy's life.

Plus / Essential
Vet fees £3000 (Plus) / £1000 (Essential)
Excess £95 (per policy year)
Euthanasia Up to £50
(No excess applied)
Third Party Liability £1 Million
Dental Fees Accident Only
Referral Costs Specialist consultant only