To make a claim:

  1. Download a claim form. Claim documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. If they don't open automatically get the free Acrobat reader from the Adobe website.
  2. Fully complete the claim form, signed and dated by the policy holder and treating Vet
  3. Enclose:
    • Treatment invoices confirming amount claimed
    • Your Pet's full updated medical history
    • Your Pet's Vaccination Records
  4. All documents submitted must be furnished with a veterinary practice stamp
  5. Return to:

    Petpals Direct
    Betchworth House
    57-65 Station Road
    Redhill, Surrey
    RH1 1DL

    0345 6090191
    8am-6pm Mon-Fri

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to inform you before I need to make a claim?
You do not need to advise us before you wish to make a claim, unless the treatment carried out is not at your usual veterinary surgery.

How quickly are claims processed?
It can take up to 10 working days to process claims at busy periods.

Can payment be made directly to the vet?
Yes, we can make payments directly to your vet, but you would need to check your vet agrees first. The excess and vet fees contribution that may apply to your policy will have to be settled by you with the vet.

When should I submit my claim?
We must receive your completed claim form at our offices within 6 months of the treatment.

What is a vet fees excess? How is it charged?
This is the amount you must pay for each unrelated condition you claim for. This applies per condition per year.